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Ultimate COVID-19 Solutions
Walk Through Sanitizer
Smart Disinfection and Sanitation Walkthrough Gate

Smart Disinfection and Sanitation Walk through Gate is a demonstration of how it has been designed to provide maximum protection to people passing through the tunnel in around 15 seconds.


The main idea of this project is to make a walk through gate that can try and prevent the spread of COVID-19. This Disinfection and Sanitation Walk through Gate is prepared to sanitize people in 10 seconds from any possible bacteria. This disinfection solution will use medically approved sanitizing liquid. It can disinfect a person fully from head to toe in a time span of just 10 seconds and the solution used is completely harmless.

General Specifications:
  • Strong Aluminum Structures and Frames
  • Covered By 2mm PVC Sheet
  • Perforated GI Floor Plate with Anti-Slip Surface
  • Drainage Tray
  • Sprinklers, Nozzles, and Pipe in Premium Quality
  • No Return Valve
  • Water Tank of Capacity of 25-50 liters
  • Electric Control Panel Box in Premium quality
  • Electric Control Panel Box in Premium quality
  • LED Light for Night
  • PIR Motion Sensor Controlled
  • Available in 1.5m, 2m, 3m & customizable options

  • Additional Custom Options:
  • Thermal Temperature Detection
  • People Counter
  • Metal Detector
  • Overview

    A very easy and cost effective range of Sanitization Tunnel/Disinfectant booth that is a must have for all public spaces. Equipped with motion sensots and it mists an approved disinfectant chemical which is organic to disinfect a persons clothes and shoes in a few seconds. The chemical is approved and is effective in neutralizing germs and viruses, including COVID-19, while ensuring no risk to human skin, breathing, clothes and other belongings. The booth is designed in a way that It is easy to transport and install.

    Cost effective range of Sanitization Tunnel/Disinfectant booth
    Customized Models Also Available
    templatemo price img
    D42 PKR50,000 Per Unit
    • Dimensions 7'x3.5'x3'
    • MS structure (20 Guage 1-1/4x1-1/4)
    • Covered with PVC Sheets
    • LED Light
    • Spray Pump 12v DC
    • Dirt Filter
    • Mist Nozzle
    • Auto-Motion Detector
    • 20 Liter Capacity
    templatemo price img
    D52 PKR65,000 Per Unit
    • Dimensions 7' *3.5'*3'
    • Aluminum structure
    • Covered with PVC Ssheets
    • LED Light
    • Spray Pump 12v
    • Dirt Filter
    • Mist Nozzle
    • IR Sensor
    • 20 Liter Capacity
    templatemo price img
    D62 PKR180,000Per Unit
    • Metal Detector
    • Visitor Counter
    • Smart & Portable Design
    • Downloadable Gate Logs (Logs of visitor numbers, suspected temperature
    • Mobile App to Control Modules and Download Logs (Optional)
    • Dimensions 7'*3'*1.6'
    • Aluminum Structure
    • Auto-Switching
    • Covered with Acrylic sheet
    • LED Light
    • Spray Pump 12v
    • Dirt Filter
    • Mist Nozzles
    • IR Sensor
    • 20 Liter Capacity
    • Temperature Detection Embedded Module Available for Extra Cost
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    Delta Care is a subsidary of Delta Logics Group. Delta Care is also a professional supplier of personal safety products and equipments, providing customized service for customers. We are able to provide the most suitable line of personal protective equipments, including clothing, eye wear, hats, masks, hearing, respiratory, footwear, gloves, and other protection solutions, to meet different kinds of demands and critical needs of our customers.
    With all our resources and expertise, we had delivered high quality safety products to a broad range of industries and customers that have potential safety hazard during their work

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